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Best Sites to Watch Free Cartoons & Anime Online

top free sites to watch cartoons and anime online free

Cartoons have some magic in them, no matter if you are child or older, when is some cartoon on TV we all want to watch it. Usually younger ones want to watch latest anime and cartoon, and older are bigger fans of classics. Over the years cartoons gone log way from hand drawing to computer created animated movies. Today cartoon or animated industry is so big and popular to point where animated characters are more popular than actors from conventional movies, and almost every month is some newly released animated movie that is biggest attraction and brings most interest in cinemas.

With expansion of the internet, cartoons also take theirs deserved place. Over the years have been created thousands of sites for watching cartoons online, some are video sites on which can be found also cartoons and some are made just to watch free cartoons online. For me always is great when is huge amount of choice available, it usually means that there will be some website most adequate for me. But when there are many websites also many of them are bad and you will lost all your time in annoying and in hopeless browsing to find cartoons you want to watch or even if you find, they have poor quality and eventually you will lost all of your desire to watch.

But not to focus too much on downsides, when watching cartoons online offers also great fun, it is free and instant. We will give you in this post lots of sites where you will be able to find and watch almost every cartoon, animated movie, anime online for free. You will only need to worry to make popcorn and take good position in-front of your monitor or tv.

Review of the Best Sites To Watch Free Animated Movies, Anime, Cartoons Online for Free:


Hulu anime / hulu kids– is usually not type of website we include in our post for free streaming mainly because it is not entirely free, and also is geo restricted to USA. Geo restriction can be bypassed, here is tutorial how. But if you want to watch all cartoons and anime you will need to pay monthly subscription, but even with their free version you will not be unsatisfied, there can be found many anime series, and cartons for free. This site is worth for checking have thousand’s of animated movies, cartoons and anime available for free watching online, they also have good video quality.


Animetoon.tv – Great site to watch cartoons online. Design is very simple and clear, all is made easy to choose or find your cartoon and watch. Animetoon also have huge amount anime series and animated movies. Site is completely free, and don’t have any geo restrictions, there is no requirement to sign up or register. You need just to choose cartoon click play and have fun.
If you have android phone you can also download their app for better mobile experience.


WatchOnlineCartoons.net – It isn’t the biggest site on the net for cartoons but has lot to offer. Here latest uploaded cartoons are in the middle and in the right you can find list of all cartoons on watchonlinecartoons.net. Site doesn’t have any fancy options but video quality is good and also database. Here can be found also animated movies and some movies like spider man, Transformers… They have pop up ads, this can be annoying some times but when is free it shouldn’t be big problem.


DisneyJunior.com – Disneyjunior is very interactive site for kids. here can be found and watch Disney cartoons for free. Besides cartoons here are many free games with most popular disney cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Mini… Disneyjunior.com is restricted only for USA so if you cannot watch check our tutorial for bypassing restrictions. Design of the site is kids friendly and colorful. If you have small kids this is probably cartoons website for them.


CartoonMoviesHQ.com Is one of site with biggest collection of cartoons, anime, animated movies. When you visit first time the website is little confusing but after few minutes on the site you will get used and will be very satisfied. Video quality is good and usually there are few videos for one episode or cartoon. There is option to register but it is not required. Here watching cartoons is completely free and can be find best titles from anime like Dragon Ball, Naruto with subtitles and cartoons like: Pink Panther, Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja, The Tom and Jerry….


AnimeBB.tv – By me it is not best designed free cartoon site, too much darker colors. Cartoon and Anime database is 1000+ movies and series. Cartoons can be found by searching on search bar or browsing alphabetically. You will not need to sign up, pay or download anything or complete surveys to be able to watch free cartoons. Video quality is on good level and there are few videos for one episode or cartoon. On animebb.tv is also option “surprise me”, this is great if you can’t decide what cartoon to watch it, this feature will try to help you.


Animecenter.tv – Is very professional website for watching anime online with subtitle. Design is clean and simple, site is very often updated sometimes few times daily. Animecenter.tv is focused only on anime, and maybe is the best place to watch subbed anime series online. Video quality of anime series is excellent. Database is huge with more then thousands series and episodes available to watch online. Registration, signing up, paying or downloading is not required to watch.


SuperCartoons.net – Is maybe best site for classic cartoons, here can be found cartoons like Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tom & Jerry, Pluto, The Pink Panthe, Speedy Gonzales… thousands of episodes from this legendary cartoon characters. Supercartoons.net is very user friendly site small number of ads, no pop up ads, easy reachable videos, and great design. Also there is no need to register, downloading anything, or paying to be able to watch online.
By us best place to watch online free classic cartoons.

All of websites we mentioned are good places to watch free cartoons, anime or animated movies online. Most of them are competently free (except hulu), and if they ask you for money try some other site on the list.

Another good places to watch cartoons online are video sites and video browsers like YouTube, Google video, Vimeo… but here to find your cartoon or anime you will need to browse by full title.

If you like to add something or have question please comment billow.
Maybe there is some site that we missed that is good or even better.
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